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Renting in Glasgow


Whether you are new to Glasgow, or have lived here all your life let us at Rent Flat Glasgow offer you our warmest greetings and out best wishes during your stay in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Glasgow is a wonderful city, acknowledged as having the largest and best shopping facilities anywhere in the UK, outside of London with a truly exciting nightlife to match. The heavy industry that gave Glasgow its special characteristics has, as in many European cities, been replaced by a burgeoning commercial sector but the down to earth, no-nonsense Glaswegian remains as friendly towards visitors as ever.  Glaswegians are renowned for their hospitality and are among  the friendliest people in Scotland.

Rent Flat Glasgow is a Letting Agency that manages property for landlords in and around Glasgow. There are a number of reasons why someone would become a landlord: some inherit property which they do not want to sell and others invest in property with the specific aim to rent them out to tenants. Either way the management of property is demanding and can be complicated and for some the most effective way is to use a letting agency to act on behalf of the landlord which  then acts like an intermediary between themselves and the tenant.   

First Steps

Now you have found your perfect home. It's an affordable rent, it's in the ideal location, and it will be available just at the right time. What should you do next? Firstly you will need to bring certain documents to the office and fill in a tenancy application form. So bring proof of your identity. This can be your passport, driver's licence or a birth certificate. You will also need some proof that you can afford to pay the rent so details of your salary during your tenancy are needed. We will need proof that you will be a responsible tenant so we need you to provide a good reference from your present landlord. presuming that you are renting at the moment. Once we have all these details and we can verify them with the appropriate people then we can put you forward as a potential new tenant to our landlord. If you are a student, with no real income of your own or perhaps you are working but have a poor credit history then we would ask that you have a guarantor in place to guarantee the rent for you. Once the landlord has agreed with us that you will be an ideal tenant then we can get ready to move you into your new home. Our leases are Short Assured Tenancies which are for a minimum of six month's duration. We will then meet again a few days before your entry date to sign the lease. Your deposit and first month's rent will be expected to have been  lodged with the agency's account before the lease is signed. 

Your Rent

When tenants find a property that they like, one of the key factors in their decision making will be how well the property has been maintained. It is worth noting that the rent is all the support that the landlord receives from the tenant. From this amount he not only has to cover his maintenance commitments but he also has to pay for the mortgage on the property. Late payments or worse still missing rents can cause serious problems for the landlord and his mortgage lender. It can also cause delays in dealing with maintainance issues So prompt payment is always appreciated and the easiest way to keep your rental payments coming in on time is to set up a standing order with your own bank. With joint tenancies each tenant is held responsible for the rent of the other because they are ' jointly and severally liable' for the rent as a whole, as is the case with multiple tenants

Your Deposit

Your deposit for your new home will be safeguarded in one of the government's approved Tenancy Deposit Schemes (TDS). The deposit will be held there until the end of your tenancy. The detailed inventory that is annexed to your lease will form the basis for evaluating any loss or damage to property incurred by the landlord  due to your actions as the tenant during your tenancy. The only deductions that can be made from the deposit will be outlind in your lease and will also be found in the prescribed information letter you will receive once the deposit has been submitted to the TCS.

Your Utility Bills and Council Tax              

It is the tenant's responsibility to register with the relevant utility companies, usually gas and electricity and to register your new address for Council Tax. Make sure accurate meter readings are taken at the beginning of the tenancy for gas and electricity because you do not want to be payiong for someone else's bills. These readings must be agreed with the Letting Agent or the landlord

Time to move on 

You have enjoyed living in your flat. perhaps you need a bigger pad or maybe you are downsizing. Whatever the reason it's an exciting time. Once you have decided to moveyou need to give the two months written notice as mentioned in the lease. We will visit you at the property at this stage to make a pre-exit inspection. This usually takes place within two weeks of your move-out date. During this visit we will look at the inventory, discuss what repairs and, or breakages there may be and how best to have these repaired before your move-out day. Once you have given your two months notice we will re-adverise the property and begin viewings. We would ask that you keep the property in good and tidy order for these viewings as the better the property looks the quicker it will let and the less disruption for you. On your move-out day we visit again. This time we will go through the invemtory with you and sign off on the utility meter readings. You should provide us with your new forwarding address to give tou your energy providers. It is your responsibility to re-direct your mail to your new address. We will expect all keys to be returned at this visit and then it is just a matter of saying goodbye to your old home.        

In Conclusion

We hope these short notes have been useful to you. Moving to a new home, taking on a lease for a property is an important matter and you need to make sure you are aware of all the responsibilities that this new venture brings. We wish you every success in securing your new home and if you become one of our tenants please be assured of our best service at all times. 










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